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Welcome to: INNUENDOspace! Home of Innuendo - "Helluva Queen tribute band from Rome, Italy"

The band formed back in 1997, trying to pay a live homage to Freddie Mercury's Queen. That was something quite rare in Rome, Italy (the band's hometown) in those days. The band's repertoire covers Queen's vast catalogue from their first album released in 1973, through "Innuendo", from 1991, the year of Mercury's sudden death.

Innuendo is the only European band to have played (twice, in 2003!) in Grand Cayman, a prestigious touristic and musical site in the British Overseas Territory of the Caribbean. Also, in 2004 they had the privilege to play in the famous "Festpielhouse" in Salzburg, Austria, thanks to the charisma and the communications skills of Luigi Lusi, founder and front-man of the band.

Besides the best venues in Italy, Innuendo played often in Holland and Belgium, where it closed in 2012 and in front of 7,000 fans, one of the biggest tribute festivals in Europe, the "Spa Tribute Festival".

Innuendo is not one of the many and not-very-original Queen "look-alike" tribute bands. The band rather focuses on the quality of the musical performance and the intensity of interpretation and the unique entertaining skills that many fans from Italy and abroad keeps enjoying after sixteen years!

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